In ten years from now
I might not even live
death might have taken me
one early morning
to give me a joyride
to the moon and the sun…
and the heaven above

you never know…

or maybe I’ve turned into
an old bitchy lady
with henna in the hair
purple flowered skirt and a voice
like a discordant…

you never know…

but I don’t think so…

or will I be doing great things
this little aging lady
with hair growing white
a neat little dress and stiff upperlips
steady hands and a flair for…
esprit de finesse

you never know…

but I don’t think so either…

I haven’t the slightest clue
what will happen while I grow older
I just go with the flow
with the meaning of life
and I live my life
in this very instant…
for ever and ever

that I know