I’ve been away for the weekend. At a camp. I think that’s the proper word for it. No tents involved though. (Thank God!)
I was privileged! I got a room of my own! Didn’t have to share this accommodation.
It was small… the bed was small… and… I have to confess… I missed my own bed and my bathroom! A bit. But that was no big deal. I enjoyed the weekend very much. Endeed! Big woods and a wonderful lake as close as anyone can hope for. And many of my wonderful friends!

Photos! In all I must have taken at least about 150 photos and I haven’t looked them through yet. Not thoroughly! Just deleted the most awkward ones. But I promise! Soon enough I’ll show you some from my walks around the lake and maybe a couple of others as well. It was such a beautiful landscape! So those pictures really need room of their own!

So for now – as it happens WP has ”Room” as theme for this weeks Photo Challenge.
And this was my puny but very okay room… I slept well…