Oldies. But goodies?

I have been straightening up among my pictures for a while. Quite a job…
In iPhoto I have decided to only have original photos. Everything else, every picture I have edited in some way or another, are supposed to be found in different folders. Selected in some way to fit together. City pictures in one, cafeteria pictures in another and so on…

handskarNow I found a couple of pictures from when I was moving from my old flat to this one I live in now.
That was at the end of september last year.
I played around a bit with the editing possibilities in Photoshop Elements 9 at those days. Maybe not a beautiful result, but I really had fun doing it.

And – furthermore – it helped me to relax from all cleaning and packing and thinking…

Here are some of them which I thought could fit in among ”Containers”

What a MESS!