Mid Summer Ice

ice2Ice in the middle of the summer? No, not really. I live in Sweden, in the northern hemisphere so there are no ice in the summer. But I was browsing iPhoto looking for some inspirating old picture, and couldn’t resist this one.
And off course I couldn’t resist playing around in Photoshop with it. Would I be me and myself otherwise?

For a long time I couldn’t choose between this one with a more grayish tone, and another one where the sky has a more intense blue color. But finally I chose this one. It has some kind of infinity I think. Yes! I have a couple of more or less different sketches. It’s always going that way when I’m making a picture…
And today I started out turning the original photo in to black ‘n white. Well well! Look what happened to that!

And about the ice? Well this photo I took in february 26th 2012. It was still an unusually cold winter here in south of Sweden, and the sea and the wind had broken up the ice. And all winters isn’t getting this cold, that there’s ice on the sea. At least not this much!

Weekly photo Challenge: Texture