I’ve been working on the blog for a couple of days now.
The theme.
Trying to make it work for me.

houseThe day before yesterday I concentrated on the front. When scrolling down the front page you can in this theme, Harmonic, see different appearances, different parts.

On top the titel part; then one with the latest posts; after that ”Me in Pics” which gives the name to the front page, and where I’ve entered a tiled gallery. Not only selfies, but pictures that show a bit of who I am, what I do, and what I like.

Beneath that comes a widget part. It was difficult to choose which widgets to show there, the whole thing looked quite ridiculous at first…
and second…
and third…
Now it’s okay, I guess. Less is more.;)

The last part is where you’ll find the Portfolios. And those I were working on yesterday. I’m not sure if I’m pleased with them yet or not, but this part sure does look good on the front page.

But all these matters can be worked on for as much as I want, and I find it challenging and pleasing to do so. And I hope you’ll like my ”new” blog as well.

Today I hope I’ll find time to create some new pictures, but there are some issues I have to deal with first.