I did it!

At first, when I saw this weeks photo challenge, I thought I’ve never made any achievements. I don’t have any fancy well-paid work, hence I’m pretty poor. I’ve never run a marathon, can’t play anything which involves a ball, don’t like big parties, shopping clothes or shoes…
Can’t even sit properly on a chair or in a sofa…

I’ve failed a lot during life. Also in love it seems, since I live alone. I am dull, too quiet or too talkative. I’m boring – a goofy nerd, I guess…
et cetera et cetera.

But… okay… I’m quite harmless and friendly (at least I think so) and to my own surprise there seems to be persons who actually like me! ????
But achieved anything?
I couldn’t think of – – – nada…..

But… now wait! I might be a bit too hard on myself here. And God keeps telling me through various channels that I must stop deminishing myself.
So stop diminishing yourself, Ninna!

I came to think of my skills in writing… in handling my language, Swedish – grammar, literary composition, ”feeling”, to say a lot with few words…
I love doing that.
I also came to think of my pictures… yeah….
I love doing that too…

So wha’de’heck! Who cares if I’m not rich and famous and have done it all! I’m me!!!! With the personal qualities I have! And I pretty much like myself. (nowadays…)
And that´s an achievement!

Today at work I made this image to an ad-poster for a violoncello-quartet concert.
(Without the water-mark! Naturellement!)
Well I made the poster too, of course, and I’m very proud of that.
I also made the poster for the up-coming sundays sermon.
I’m proud of that too.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement