How often do we actually see the whole picture of something…?

I can’t tell exactly what I did with them when editing! I never can. I know that many of you who edit pictures, know and add notes of every step you take, can tell exactly what filters, how much saturation… you know and you keep track of all the data.
Including the camera data. Light, speed… whatever…

Sorry but I can’t! I have tried! But I lose myself and I lose the inspiration.
I can say exactly the same as one of my friends say about how she works – she’s a real painter, I mean she paints on canvas, paper and in different techniques – we are intuitive artist! We go on by inspiration and what feels good in the moment! Where the intuition leads us!
And at that time stop to take notes????

I can’t! Have tried! I lose myself.

It’s quite intriguing how different one and the same picture will look, depending of what editing tools you use! The options are endless.

* In the upper right corner you can see, at least glimpses of, a painting my friend have made. I felt something for that painting…. and now it’s mine…