Due to the ehh… difficulties these last months…  (mold in the bathroom; a long-lasting flu; winter with gray, dull rainy stormy weather…) I haven’t been photographing much… almost not at all actually… so now among my oldies from 2008 I found this… ehh… gray, dull and rainy photo…

But despite the gray dullness it does have something, I thought.
-What can I do with this one, I kept on thinking.
Quite a lot, as it seems.


So this was what I started with.
Put a little effort to it in photoshop. Cropped it a bit at first, but decided that didn’t do any good for the image
Then some brightening, added a bit of saturation, a little bit of this and a little bit of that…not much really – of course decreased the file size, and stopped at this:


Lighter – yes! A bit of color – yes. But nothing much to it…. quite uninteresting…
So I flipped it over to the pixlr – app on the iPad. Like pixlr more on the iPad than on the Mac. There are some differences, you know…


Okay! Som work have been done here! And a filter making it look old.

Odd? Awkward? Yeah. Maybe even wrong. Looking old with dust and scratches, and at the same time there are quite bright colors… well well…

On the other hand – who decides what’s right or wrong? In this case I do – and I say it’s right


So now I’ve become a bit romantic???
Okay okay! That’s okay! I’m allowed to be romantic. But I am not a pink Lady!!!


I think I like this one the best!
At first I came to think of the movie: Life of Pi. (Love that movie)
Then it made me think of a soft summer night – despite the fact the original photo was taken a dull, gray day in October.

And the other four I made?
I save them for later…

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