I’ve started to cook again! A little more than the easiest and quickest. And therefore I revived ”Small Kitchen”.
But I realized today that I do most of the cooking on weekends when I’m not at work. Maybe not so surprising…
And… hold on to something now… I still often cook lentilsoups…
Still! Hope you’ll enjoy when I start with ”The usual”

Small Kitchen

And red lentils of course…

So at last I seem to wake up again from my… whatever…. and started to cook a little more proper again!
And the first course I post here is a RED LENTILSOUP!!!!! Am I crazy or am I crazy? Haven’t I made enough red lentil soups already????

OMG!!!!!!!!  And oh gosh….
But admit they are really tasty and full-filling, and so easy to cook! I think I’ll never get tired of red lentilsoups!

You can take any amount of ingredients as you wish.
1/2 to 1 deciliter unboiled dried red lentils per servings, which you thoroughly rinse under streaming water, while you at the same time let a kettle of water heat up until boiling.

Then you gently fry some butter with chopped garlic, finely sliced onion and some red curry paste, add a squeeze of tomato paste, stir for a while until the butter takes a…

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