No. I’m just kidding. The chairs are made of wood all right. And for now they are stored in one of the connecting rooms – apropos the new floor.
But why on earth isn’t that work going on faster? Mostly it seems that there are no carpenters working! Tuesday I saw two of them – at 9 AM having coffee and sandwiches. But E from church, was building the fundament to the larger podium steps.
So I went downstairs to the cafeteria and continued to create the new program folder…IMG_5501cOh gosh! I came to think of Dr Who. Season one, the first episode from 2005 where he meets Rose Tyler for the first time. Christoffer Eccleston plays Dr Who. I liked him!
Why I came to think of that?
That horrific plastic….
Go see for yourselves… 😉

And by the way – I DO KNOW why it apparently looks like it’s taking way too long time to lay the floor. I’m not stupid. And from day to day there are more of the new one.