All I did was….

… to open a can of sardines…


… and while the sardines was in the colander, they were a bit too oily you know, I tried to put the lid back into the can.  Guess I shouldn’t have done the latter


I’ve none so ever competitive qualities,  but it gives me really some kind of Victory feelings that I managed to:

  • put the finger under pouring cold water for a short while…
  • find a band-aid AND manage to strap it on…
  • find an old kitchen towel, and cut off a piece  I could use as bandage…
  • manage to hold the bleeding finger tight with the other fingers on that hand – lika a knot into the palm… those fingers got numb after a while…
  • remember to turn off the stove plate where I’m boiling small cut pieces of turnip and carrots. They are waiting for the potato, which is peeled but yet not cut in pieces…
  • to put on boots, cardigan & jacket
  • to bike the 2 km to my doctor…
  • I even remember to bring a banana and som walnuts… in case it will take long time before I get home again. I was after all preparing lunch!

The nurse examined the still bleeding finger, asked one of the doctors if it perhaps needed to be sewn, but they decided to put surgeon tape on, and upon that some pressure.

Loads of them!
And all the other stuff!

Now I can’t do the dishes, clean the bathroom, clean the radiators
– or anything else where water is needed! 😀

Unfortunately I can’t take a shower or wash my hair either, for at least a couple of days.
But who cares! Nothing really bad happened!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

How awkward!
I – the most uncompetitive person in the world, find something like this to fit into the aspect of Victory…. How about that! Anything goes, it seems!