The combination fibromyalgia and moving from one apartment to another doesn’t go well together.

I was positively amazed it went so well at the time, but afterwards! Oh gosh! I’ll never never ever carry that much again. Nor pack. Nor clean.

Ethos-MovingOtherwise all went well. A couple of friends came along, we carried boxes and furnitures, drove the 2-3 kilometers, and then carried the stuff into this apartment. That particular part took only one hour.
They carried more than I… much more…

But still I overdid it! For a couple of hours before lunch I packed the last things into boxes and prepared as much as I could before the others came.
Guess I went on by pure willpower!

So now I’m totally off beat. And still have to clean the shower at the old place. Luckily the apartment is mine the entire december, but I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Give back the keys to the house-owner and then never ever again think of that apartment.

But for now! Saturday and Sunday I’ll rest both my case and my body, don’t do anything that needs physical effort until after the dentist-oppointment on monday.

Besides that overall pain everything feels wonderful!

It’s full storm outside, I listen to Etta James on the radio and from time to time I limp around in my cosy nest. Who cares it’s still messy! I’m here! Ain’t I?

My place in time and space is tiny…
but bigger on the inside…matt-smith-doctor-who-tardis
just like a TARDIS…
and I can fly wherever I want – in my imagination




When will I start to take photos again?