Where did all the books go? Did we loose a couple of boxes on the way?

FullSizeRenderNo we didn’t!

But they seem so few now, put together like this. Although I have intentionally got rid of many books before the move. Why keep dust-collectors when you have lots and lots of books to choose from at the library?

Compact living also means - no unnececcary things!

But they could use some rearrenging! For example, fiction separated from the others.

I wonder… How many books did I have, when I had the most some years ago? A rough estimation might suggest about ten times as many. Mostly fiction then. And they were organized after the surname of the author. I knew exactly where I had each book. Well… maybe not exactly but close enough.

Now I have mostly non-fiction. And a library about ten minutes walk from here. Not bad! The world just around the corner!!!

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