IMG_1584-snippetMy first thought when I saw the new theme for Weekly Photo Challenge, was not about a geometrical form or any visible form at all. I thought of the rythm in time and space, in life and death. Things appear, develop, disappear.

The year passes by; spring, summer, fall and winter. Then yet another spring. Life, as seen, is starting all over again.

Day and night.
Darkness and light.
And nothing can exist without the opposite.

To be born, grow up, get old.
Though life itself never dies. Just changes form.

How is it said? I can’t quite remember!
Something like: ”in the middle of chaos, lies the seed of calmness”.
The bird Phoenix that burns itself, then arises from the ashes.

Without death – nothing can be reborn.


My life consists of various circles. Moving to a new apartment means one old circle is gone forever, and a new one has started. Time circles. The old one was fairly short. Lasted only a little more than 2 years. If I should describe that circle in one word, it would be: Darkness.

A new Time circle is recently born. One word for this one? At this point?
Light. That’s the word for it. Light.
And love.

IMG_1584-snapAt January 15th I’ll turn 65. I have difficulties to admit even to myself, that I’m that old and from now on a retiree. And yet this also means I’m entering the realm of freedom.
And of new possibilities.

Possibilities to move further, to grow, to learn, to experience…
To develop who I am. Express myself in different ways.
Maybe in new ways!

I don’t think life could exist without circles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circles