... and there were no socks warm enough…

Just kidding!

No I didn’t mean that literally, though it IS cold outdoors and extra socks are needed also indoors! I have been pondering almost the entire time since I launched that new blog, whether I have done the right thing or not.

Since I’m leaving some old things behind me now, I feel I also want to let some new things arrive. That’s true and surely a right thing to do.
It’s also true that I want to write more, and hopefully not only enhance the writing-skills themselves, but also learn new things! That’s why I want to read more, and dig into topics I’m interested in. But what I have done for the last 24 hours or so, is to ponder whether a second blog is the right tool for that. I have already a second blog I rarely even think of!
Okay! That one is dedicated to food, but I’ve no eager at all to start cooking.

About an hour ago I went out with the garbage bag, and went for a 5-minutes walk. (I told you it’s cold outside, didn’t I? And windy!) Indoors again I checked my mail-inbox and there was this from WP that someone had started to follow my new blog.

It wasn’t any stranger who followed! It was a swedish blogfriend of mine!

At that moment it hit me!!!
Of course the new blog should be in Swedish!

Not that I know exactly what to write about there, in Swedish, but there are times when I think of something that is so typically Swedish that I almost fell a need to write about it! But! So…
Then I don’t write and publish that thought at all.
But I don’t promise anything! This will be a Swedish try-out!!! And I will NOT write the same text in both Swedish and English! Never write and translate!

So! A summary:

  • This blog will continue to be the main-blog. The one where the most entrances will be posted
  • I’ll write more here then I have done earlier, and as such I’ll alter td blog to be visually more suitable for that.
  • I won’t exclude images! Still continue to post for Weekly Photo Challenge –  and when I feel like it.

It will take some time though, to update the meny and pages and such. THAT was one of the main reasons earlier that made me chose a new blog. To build up tags and categories et cetera from the beginning. Now I have to prune away all unecessaries here.

My friend you’ll find here. He has such a nice blog written with great personality! I envy him that!