Fast food?
Veggies in a Twirl?


I don’t know about you gals & guys in other countries, but here in Sweden there are some health department (or whatever) that recommend eating following the food circle.

Six (e.g. seven) groups:

  • kostcirkelnProtein: meat, fish, egg – alt: legumes – beans and lentils, nuts, almonds…
  • Diary products: Milk, Cheese, yoghurt, ice cream…
  • Fat: Butter, oil…
  • Cereals, grain, bread…
  • Root vegetables: potatoes, carrots, swedes, beets, beetroots…
  • Vegetables and – (seven) fruits

This is supposed to give optional health and well-being.

The size of the segments implies the amount of food compared with eachother. I mean: Lots of veggies and fruits, small amount of fat; more bread than potatoes; and kind of medium amount of meat, fish, milk, cheese…
The total amount of food you decide for yourself, as exactly what veggies et cetera. I recommend the bigger variety, the better. Preferably organic if possible. And no additives whatsoever.

Take it or leave it! I wont value this at all, though my view of healthy eating is slightly different!

When I was browsing the web for an image showing the food-circle, to one of the blogs I encountered the link was named: typicallyswedish (but in Swedish of course). I don’t know about that. If it’s typically Swedish!

To me personally the cereal/grain/bread part is totally gone, and replaced with quinoa, buckwheat, rice, corn/maize and such.
The diary part is equally ”no more”! No milk! No cheese! No cream! No ice-cream! ( no I-scream either! I’m used to it…) In fact, nothing at all that is made of milk! Instead – if necessary and desirable – coconut-milk, almond-milk, sesame-milk…


New years eve I was treated with a cappuccino where the milk was made of oats, designed to use in coffee.
It was delicious!
Anne whipped it into a foam just like with ordinary milk. And it didn’t taste oat!

In my grocery store they have Oatly-products but not this particular one. Instead I bought and tried the ”Chai-variety”. At the first trial I thought it tasted good in tea, but the next time it just tasted like drinking oat-porridge. Urrrkkkk…. (yyyackkkk).

I’ll visit a bigger store eventually and look for the coffee- adapted -variety. I noticed it was 3% fat in that one instead of only 0,5. Much better…
And if they don’t have the Barista-style either, I’ll ask Anne to buy on my behalf in her store. That’s even bigger.


But to return to the circle-food – I prefer vegetable protein instead of animal. I’m not an orthodox vegan, but I’m aiming in that direction. And I dare consume a bit more fat.

On my plate was just a simple veggie stir fry

And even eating goes in circles!

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