I’m still looking for the perfect theme. After all. I have only 276 free WP-themes to choose from. There are those which are alright,  others which are fairly good. There are those which are really good-looking, but not suitable for my purpose. And there are those that are hidious or boring. Or impossible.

Libretto. Hideous! Don’t you think? I made my header with white background color, and the theme makes it gray-toned. The original image had actually no background color at all, and the theme made that look really dark gray. (Hate that phenomena.) I could of course use this theme without any header image, but…

The pictures I have in the posts are shown bigger than the column width. In this case – awfully ugly! If I choose this theme, I’d have to edit all my images on all my posts to make them fit … doable… but… too much work 😦

As a writing-blog though, I really do love this theme!  And with a colored background it doesn’t show that the post-area isn’t pure white, but slightly grayish, and I love the big letter at the beginning. The ”anfang”.

This picture shows a detail from Gutenbergs bible. The anfang is of gold-leaf and the illuminations are painted by hand after the printing. (Wikipedia)

The actual word is german, anfang, and it just means ”beginning” or ”the begin”. As a technical term used in typography and calligraphy, it means that the first letter in a chapter or on a page, or at the beginning of a new paragraph, is bigger then the rest of the row and can be set in different relations to it. Aligned center, upwards or downwards, and it can also consists of more than one letter. On the picture it’s aligned down by six rows.

This is a very old way of writing. You can see it in ancient texts written by monks long before Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press method in 1439, and was often very decorated. The texts the monks wrote was of course copies of the Bible.

No, I can’t find the perfect theme. Because there is no such thing as perfect! At least not when it comes to more or less readymade blogging-themes. And I still don’t want to make one from scratch. Too much to keep track on. Would take way too long time to do it. Not fun! Not fun at all! And byy the way, that would probably not make the blog look perfect either.

Maybe I’m approaching this quest from the wrong angle? Maybe I shouldn’t reach out for something that is suitable for both writing and photos!
Maybe I should just concentrate on having a writing-blog with good readability, and then let the images be as they will. Not doing anything big about it – and maybe not have featured images to the posts.

This needs to be thought about more. Much more! What is it I want to do? What should I focus on? What does my heart say?

Who am I?

I would also like to change the name on the blog. Words & Pics. Is that name still fitting? (Has it ever been?) But what name should my new blog have? Something catchy, funny, with personality! Like a diary? ?!? ”The Diary of NinnaO” ?? ”Ninna O’s daily thoughts!” ?? ”Ninja Ponderings” ?? What?
(That last one could lead to misunderstandings *giggles*, but I could use the logo I got from Yvette. I like that logo! But the feather-pen is also cool.)

But it’s dangerous to change the blog-name. People might think I no longer exist and that they have come to someone else’s blog. That would be sad. Really sad. I still exist. And I wouldn’t want to loose you. At least not because of a name change. Otherwise your’e all free to come and go as you wish. I would miss you though…


No! Nothing, nada, rien, is perfect. I had an appointment with the dentist today, and afterwards I popped in to the Cafeteria. Sat there for a while with a cup of coffee, my iPhone and my iPad. Said Hello to some friends, ordered a plate with a bun (weat-free), a couple of slices of salami and some veggies. More coffee. A not unusual treat for me at the cafeteria. Fast food! Quickly made and quickly eaten!

BUT! I have recently decided to immensely cut down on meat, especially sausages and such, and have almost the same goal for coffee.  I allow myself a small cup a day. So I’m not perfect either. Not at all. And that goes for other things than my choice of food.

Now I’ll keep on with the blog-appearance… or read (Stephen King – Under the dome, a really heavy thing, almost 1200 pages, too heavy to read in bed before going to sleep)… or watch a movie… I revel in freedom now, doing what I want, when I want, if I want…

… or maybe it’s time for the green smoothie now?