and that’s about time…

… and as much raw food as I – my stomach – can handle.

But I have to learn more about vegan cooking. I can’t only eat sallads and lentil soups. And I have run out of ideas, though I’m not a stranger to vegetarian cooking. Not at all. But to stop eating eggs is probably the most difficult part. I must give myself a period of adjustment.

IMG_6311But I have my health to think about, eating the right food is essential, and now is a good time to change habits. Luckily I already neither eat diary products nor anything with wheat and rye, and I use almost no sugar – and never white. I have also been eating less and less meat, and this christmas when I DID eat meat – it became obvious to me meat isn’t my kind af food.

IMG_6312At first I browsed youtube for health videos, actually have done so for a while, and just the other day I stumbled upon a young women who also recommended a really good vegan website. And, Yes! That one seems to be a very nice site, indeed, and I’ll keep on looking for inspiration there – as well as recipes – and also for more tips on Youtube.

Link to Ella here on her logo:



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