Though I had it for a filling, satisfying, delicious breakfast.
I bought myself a waffle iron at the spring-market at church this Saturday, and since then I have been experimenting.

The first I did, was to use at as a toaster. Had some bread lying around that could need a bit of crispiness.
Then it was waffles.

These ones I had yesterday for breakfast. Chocolate-waffles.
The flour was one third each of chickpea-, coconut- and rice-.  About half a tablespoon of psyllium seeds and chia seeds – each. A hint of sugar and some lemon juice – to help the baking powder. And some oil. Not too much – not too little! It mustn’t be greasy, and it mustn’t be dry. I guess… about 1 – 1,5 tablespoon.
And then of course cocoa powder and a hint of salt. I think that was it!
Well water! Coconut flour takes quite a lot of liquid, and so does the psyllium seeds. I used about 1,5 decilitre. The batter should be thick byt yet somewhat runny.
This gave me 2 waffles. A bit small… but quite enough.

And to this I had chia seeds soaked in coconut milk, some strawberries, a couple of cubes of mango and a small banana. Couldn’t resist some extra coconut milk on top of it all.

And today I had the same – but with cinnamon instead of cocoa powder.
It was so delicious I could die!!!! And I was comfortably full for several hours!