Through my kitchen window, during breakfast time today, it looked something like this.
Rain wasn’t just pouring down, the cats were chasing the dogs til exhaustion.


I would rather have preferred the view looked something like this..
NO! Like this:
Sunny weather, blue sky, almost no wind – maybe a slight breeze – and comfortable warmth.IMG_1978

Raining cats and dogs = regnet står som spön i backen
Nå! Vilken illustration tycker du är roligast?

Jag håller på min…

Men nog sjutton hade jag hellre sett ut mot en varm, solig och skön sommardag.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning


19 thoughts on “Morningblues

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  2. Whatever filters youve used in your photos I really like the way you have taken very ordinary shots – coffee table, chair, cup – and used the filters and the light to create something special… rain has its charm, but one gets sick of it quickly…..


  3. I had to come back and comment about your ice on the sea photo, which unfortunately you closed comments for.
    What an extraordinary photo! I come from the tropics so I cant even begin to imagine ice on the sea!
    and the expression ”I wouldnt have been me and myself” – is that a translation from the swedish? we might say ”i woulndt be myself” , but i really like this ”me and myself”…very emphatic. Incredible photo.


    • It isn’t unusual to get stupid spam on old posts so I don’t keep the possibility to comment for long. Smart of you to comment on another post instead. 😉 Thank you!
      I never translate. I write directly both in swedish and english, and I often play with words and expressions in both languages. That’s my ”thing”. So expressions like ”I, me and myself” are chosen ones. (Almost Freud 😉 )
      My weakness in english, is sometimes what preposition to choose, and some words are easy to mix up. Like f.ex. further and farther. But I’ve noticed it isn’t uncommon for people born with english as native language to write perfect either. On the contrary.


      • :)… i understand about the spam! Languages are so interesting and I love the way that other languages can introduce concepts and ways of thinking that are very refreshing. Its true these days many people dont write english ‘correctly’, and words like ‘further’ and ‘farther’ can be very confusing. I like the play on words. I dont think your English is weak at all, and when one knows that English is not the writer or speaker’s native tongue, then its obvious there are going to be mixups, and it doesnt matter, because to me it is communication which is the important thing.

        so what other expressions in Swedish are unique? I know little about that language!
        oh ps, I believe climate really influences language, like the old adage about the Inuit people having 50 different words for ‘snow’. ( Obviously, there survival depended on being able to distinguish different types of snow)


        • There isn’t many in Sweden that speaks perfect swedish either. It’s how it is everywhere I guess. One common mistake is, as in english, that they say ”me” instead of ”I”.
          And I don’t know know how common it is nowadays to use expressions. I don’t hear them much any longer. Or maybe we are all so used to hear and use them so we don’t think about it much. That it is an expression.
          I make up my own expressions when I write. Like: I. me and myself. And what can be called ”picturing” or ”writing figurativly”
          Yes languages are interesting!

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  4. Vacker bild. Jag föredrar ljuset och värmen. Känns som det redan är tidig höst. Jag hängde inte med. Fryser och är benägen att ligga kvar länge i sängen igen om mornarna. Men fint väder igår så sommaren är inte helt över än tänkte jag 🙂


    • Jag föredrar också ljus och värme. Verkligen! Hoppas verkligen det kommer en period med fint, soligt och lagom varmt väder innan hösten kommer på riktigt. I dag har det varit skönt, och det smittar av sig på humöret. Onekligen!

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