… but, well, not particularly kicking… but the new sofa is on its place, though. Lucky me!

I got rid of my old sofa (too small and not comfortable), and my old bed (which had become too soft). I have this hypothesis that the bed was at least partly to blame for the pain in my back and maybe also for the sciatic pain all the way down to my feet. I think I’m right about that.

The new sofa is therefore a sofabed. (I have a very small apartment, you know.) Still after two weeks it feels very very firm to lie on (read: hard), but certainly not as hard as I thought it was the first nights. I’m getting used to it! And my experience so far has very clearly told me that my old bed was too soft… Nice to be given an obvious, undoubtable proof…

I really do love the color, by the way!


The former bed alcove is now my working area with bookshelves all over the wall behind me. But that area isn’t finished yet. It’s too painful (in my ass and legs) to be carrying around shelves and books and stuff hither and thither. The table, my iMac, printer and chair is okay so far… and that’s a good start. And lamps ofcourse. And some of the books on the shelves. So no photos from that area for now.