… så går det bra att reblogga ett inlägg till en  – säger en – annan blogg. Och den rebloggningen fick gå till Words&Pics.
Så nedanstående får bli en vanlig länk till  min blogg där jag bara skriver på engelska. Men vore kul om ni tittade in där också!


Still lying around

It’s quite an odd feeling, to be in this nothingness just waiting for time to pass. It’s not bad! On the contrary, I have my suspicions it’s rather good! You learn to just ”be”, to stay in the Now. If you can’t spend time alone with yourself, then you might be…  quite frustrated. But I can, I like it, I need it! But not every day endlessly.
Fortsätt läsa……….


5 reaktioner på ”När man tänker reblogga…

      1. My pleasure, but you’ll find me at the English version more often 😉 I love the opportunity to visit the far north of the globe with you. 🙃


        1. Love it! 😀
          They won’t be totally similar though, no translated posts, but no loss for you if you don’t visit the Swedish one.
          There are sometimes ”topics” so typical for Sweden that are they hard to write about to make them understandable for others.
          How to explain, for example, how our system works for sick, disabled and/or unemployed people? IF I should choose to write about that. Not even swedes that aren’t sick et cetera, can understand what a hell that can be. The rich are getting richer, and the poor (and sick etc) are getting poorer.
          Thank Godess I’m retired now!

          NO! Both blogs I’ll try to keep happy, friendly, loving and …. even fun???

          And hopefully I’ll start photographing again when I’m back in my hometown. In February.
          Have a blessed sunday!

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