I too was there

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I too was there

Furthest down in the south-east of Sweden, there is an area called Österlen. It’s very beautiful. Mostly open landscape, and it says there is a special light there, due to the sea, the sky, the openness and the beech tree areas here and there.
I don’t dare call it woods. I know what real woods are. (Sorry, you inhabitants of Österlen…)
And quoting my dictionary when I was searching for a specific word: ”delightful views over the undulating countryside”! (Thank godess I have this really helpful dictionary on my Mac)

My youngest daughter and I was there last weekend. Saturday it was all foggy, sunday was gray and rainy. But still, we had a very good time. We where looking at – and looking over – houses, since she and her family plan to move back home again. 😀 (Which is a wonderful plan. )

So we drove around a lot those days, and suddenly! Wow!!! Neither of us have never before seen a whole field with pumpkins, we just cried out loud and had to stop. And this wasn’t the only field we saw, and to that, there were many places along the road in this area with big signs that said: ”Pumpkins for sale”, and there were tables and huge boxes on the ground overfilled with pumpkins.

So despite the dull weather we had a great time. Fun looking at those houses, we had lunch at OlofViktors i Glemminge (marvellous! I recommend that place), and had coffee in a small village called Sankt Olof, at @byvagen35 , a bakery and cafeteria. Both these establishments are focused on organic ingredients only.
Late in the afternoons we drove back home to my place where we had dinner (not totally organic unfortunately) and she slept over on my coach.

And I confess! This photo is hers.  I didn’t feel like exposing myself to the rain and the muddy ground. I remained behind the steering wheel. 😀

And just for fun, a couple of screen clips of the map

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