Who is this Ninna?


AngelMoon-Vintage-GraphicsFairyWell! I live in the south of Sweden. By the west coast. (And there are NO polar bears walking around in the streets of Stockholm.)

I write. Take photos. Make pictures. Posters. Leaflets. Booklets. Broschures. Presentation-cards. Flyers.
Et cetera…

Read books. … and …
Sit around doing absolutely nothing but spending time with myself.

I never knit anymore.

buddhaI blog…

I have ADHD blended with some Aspergers.

It gives fantasy and creativity…
It’s nice! It’s a gift!
Added to that I’m an introvert… a social loner…  one of Gods perfect creations

I like biking and walking. Sitting bone-idle in the sofa. Watching movies. Having coffee with friends. I like exchanging intellectual knowledge with others. Being spiritually enhanced. Grow as a spiritual being.I say! The only thing I actually can do about all this, is to give up, give in, let it be, relax, embrace…

… and just keep on – being me!

Well! Now! Let’s fly!


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